Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I "Break In My New Holster?"

A. Your Holster will likely be "tight" at first, this is normal.  With you gun UNLOADED push it in the Holster all the way. Then, draw the gun from the Holster.  Wear it and repeat this several times.  If you would still like to loosen the draw place the gun in a plastic sandwich bag and push it in the Holster. Leave it for and hour or overnight.  This should give an acceptable draw.


Q.  Should I use some kind of "oil or conditioner on my Holster?"

A.  NO! Once a year you can use a clear paste shoe wax on the smooth leather outside. If it gets scuffed, you can apply it to the scuff area. Your Holster should remain form fit and stiff. We molded it for your specific firearm and it should retain that shape. Never bend, flex or crush your Holster, it will loose retention and ease of draw.


Q.  Do I need a "Thumb Break for retention?"

A.  Under normal circumstances we do not think so. Our Holsters are "Wet Molded" to your specific firearm for good retention.  If you ride a motorcycle, ATV or if you're LEO and your department requires it for your off duty carry we can certainly build it with a Thumb Break for you. (additional charges will apply)


Q. What is a "Sweat Shield?" 

A.  On a OWB or IWB Holster it is the Leather that is between the upper portion of the slide and your body.  On most Holsters we also Reinforce this piece with a second layer giving a little extra space between your gun and your side.


Q.  What is the "Front Reinforcement Patch?"

A.  The Front Reinforcement Patch is an additional piece stitched on the front panel to help keep the shape of the Holster opening when the gun is drawn.  This piece can be a different color then the Holster body for contrast and you can also pick one of our Hand Tooled options for additional personalization.


Q.  Do I need "Lining in my Holster?"

A.  That is a personal choice. We only use "smooth" veg tan Leather for lining our Holsters if you choose the option.  Micro dust is what will cause excessive wear on your gun finish.  Once a week or after a trip to the Range, pull a dry, soft rag through your Holster to clean out the dust.  With that said... any gun that is carried and used in any type of Holster will acquire some signs of wear over time.  A nice patina (wear) on specific  edges from use, gives your gun personality and shows you carry constantly.


Q.  Do you build Holsters for guns "with a light mounted on the accessory rail?"

A.  No.


Q.  Can my Holster have an "Exotic Hide overlay?"

A.  We don't have any in stock because there are so many different types and colors available, if you have something in mind we can get it for your order.


Q.  What Holsters do you have "in stock?"

A.  We currently do not "stock" any Holsters, all are "made to order". There are some makes/models that are popular enough that we build them on a rotational basis so they may be available sooner than our standard wait time. 


Q.  Is it possible to get a "Rush Job" quicker than your current lead time?

A.  It is possible.  It is entirely our discretion if we take your order on as a "Rush Job". To be fair to our other customers and not put their orders behind we have to do "Rush Jobs" in the evening and/or weekend (our time off.) If we already have a couple we may not be willing to take additional time away from our families. There are only 2 of us and we build the Holsters and do everything having to do with our shop. The Rush Job Fee is the full price of the order + 50% ...Again, you can ask, but we may need to turn it down depending on our work load and personal time available. ("Rush Job" would be 50% of our normal lead time)