Which Speed Loader Do I Need For My NAA Revolver?

September 21 2021 – Rick Jorgenson

NAA Magnum Revolver with Speed Loaders

NAA Magnum Revolver with Speed Loaders

Which Speed Loader Do I Need?

Ordering the correct Speed Loader for your NAA shouldn't be a "Big Deal" but... to function right it needs to be the correct size and type

OK, to start, NAA Revolvers have only 2 cylinder diameters so that helps narrow the choices 50% 

The "Magnum" Frame Speed Loaders

 NAA "Magnum" Frame Revolvers use the DS-530 Speed Loaders and are available with BOTH Cylinders. The cylinders for these guns are the same length and diameter. The difference is in the base of the .22 rounds themselves. The base of the .22lr is smaller than the base of the .22 Magnum.

 So the DS-530-Mag & the DS-530-LR are made to accommodate the different size base of the shell and keep the shells in the wider configuration to fit the cylinder diameter of the Large Frame NAA Revolvers 

(The base of the .22 Short, .22 Long, and .22 Long Rifle shells are all the same size)  

NAA Magnum and Speed LoadersDS-530-Mag or DS-530-LR Speed Loaders for a Magnum Frame NAA Revolver

The Small Frame Speed Loader

 The NAA "Short" and the NAA "Long Rifle" both use the smaller DS-484 that handle the smaller diameter base of the .22 Short and .22 Long Rifle cylinders.

 The "Short" is only available in one barrel length but the "Long Rifle" is available in 1 1/8" & 1 5/8" barrel lengths.

NAA Speed Loader for Long Rifle and Short NAA "Long Rifle" & DS-484 Speed Loader

NAA Short DS 484 Speed LoaderNAA "Short" & DS-484 Speed Loader
I hope this helps clear up the differences of the Speed Loaders available for the NAA Mini Revolvers! 
Feel free to call and ask if you still have questions 


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  • Steve Leong: May 12, 2022

    Just received my speed loaders and my de-loader for my 22 long rifle mini revolver…. Your loaders work perfectly, as does the de-loader. Very exquisite pieces of technology, and I highly recommended your products to all my friends with mini revolvers.

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