Driving Holster vs. Cross-Draw Holster

October 10 2021 – Rick Jorgenson

Driving Holster vs. Cross-Draw Holster

Driving Holster vs. Cross-Draw Holster

Many "experts" agree that drawing "Cross Draw" is a quick and easy way to achieve a "combat grip" to draw from a seated position.


Some others (experts)... not so much. (but some admit it is still good while seated/driving)


 This is one of our "Driving Holsters" it is carried normally in the "Cross Draw" style. We also have Cross Draw Holsters with Belt Slots to mount on the belt to carry. The Driving Holster has a "Strap" with industrial Velcro (Hook & Loop) so the Holster can be quickly put on and taken off if the user chooses.

Photo: NAA Black Widow in a Driving Holster

 While researching this I found, not all "experts" are fond of "cross draw" carry but I do appreciate that most articles admitted that there "is a place" for it (if comfortable for the user.) 

 Speaking from my own experience (remember, I am not an expert) Carrying cross draw is very comfortable and is the quickest way for me to draw while seated and/or belted in the driver's seat. Also, I'm not trying to carry a full-size 1911, large Glock, or Sig (Cross Draw): it's an NAA or a small .32 or .380 and I also carry one "Strong Side" and one in a front pocket in a "Pocket Holster".

Photo: NAA Magnum 3" Buntline in a Cross Draw Holster

 Even while working, the Driving Holster or Cross-Draw are never in the way (NAA Magnum of one type or another. Usually a Black Widow or a Pug) Sometimes a Ranger II 1 5/8" Bbl. but I have carried the 2 1/2" Bbl. Ranger Cross Draw with no trouble.

 With training and experience, the new gun owner starts to see that "one gun" does not "do it all" if they are going to carry a gun consistently.
The same holds true for Holsters. Now... there is the added expense of Holsters for the multiple guns they "need"  ;)

 When a new shooter first "acquires a gun" they want that gun to be "everything" and "do it all". It is a significant outlay of cash for the new gun owner and they have a difficult time thinking that they "need" many more and the added expense of Holsters for them.   

 Oh, snap! "Some of these guns I now own can be carried in a couple of different configurations!" So... now some of the guns have 2 or 3 of their own Holsters made for specific carry methods. It's a vicious circle only confined by our ability to pay for it all.


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  • Phillip : November 08, 2022

    I had these guys make a custom chest holster for my 11" S&W XVR 460 and was amazed at the quality and craftsmanship. Definitely recommend them.

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